Juried Fine Art Photography Exhibitions in a Dedicated Gallery
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Color: The Spice of Light

Juror: Bruce K. Haley, Jr.
Exhibit Open 11/16-12/10
Artists Reception 11/21 3-5PM

As fine art nature photographers, we create emotions, feelings and memories. Sometimes Mother Nature gives us the perfect light, the perfect composition, the perfect colors, and we are able to present our experience exactly as the lens captured it. Unfortunately, most of the time, She doesn't. This doesn't lessen the excitement, the drama, we experienced at the moment of capture.  At times like this, we have to go deep within ourselves to discover the colors, lines, and shapes that not only express what we experienced, but also transfer that emotion to the viewer.

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Juror's Statement:
Color: The Spice of Light
is an exercise in portraying nature, not necessarily in a realistic manner, but in a manner that portrays the excitement and creativity of the photographer at the moment of capture....expressing and portraying nature, in ways that the viewer hasn't seen or thought of. As a juror, I looked for images that I could emotionally relate to as well as images that expressed the creativity of the artist.

While I was given the opportunity to award two Juror Choice Awards, I feel that all the selected photographers expressed their creativity and emotional attachment to their work. I applaud them and I hope that you, the viewer, are able to see nature in a different light.

Bruce K. Haley Jr.

Exhibit Panorama

Juror: Bruce K. Haley, Jr.
Bruce uses the camera lens as his paint brush.  His bold and colorful presentation of nature has made his work much sought after throughout the United States.  Since November of 2002, Bruce’s award winning art has appeared in over one-hundred exhibitions in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Colorado, North Carolina Michigan, and California.  His work is included in many corporate and private collections including six pieces purchased by the state of West Virginia for their permanent art collection.  In Bruce’s words, “Photography isn’t about f/stops, shutter speeds or equipment. it’s about living, feeling, seeing.  It’s about opening my mind to learning, not only about the people, places and things around me, but also, about me.  Photography, for me, is life living, life giving.”

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